Our Co-registration service is the right choice for companies with that want to acquire high volumes of leads but still opt-in to their specific products or services. All our leads are opted-in through online collection pages — both mobile and desktop — then verified by our unique data-cleansing system.

Performance Advertising

Every click matters, and that’s why we offer a range of Performance based advertising options. Allowing clients to receive immediate traffic and conversion from Google Adwords, Facebook, Native Ads,Instagram, Search PPC, Influencer Marketing, Video and more.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email and SMS are one of the best channels to share news, loyalty programs and promotional offers. Enjoy an easy-to-use, powerful email- and sms marketing service to help you interact with your audience. Send personalized and targeted marketing messages from your database, from flash sales and birthday discounts to product launches and more, the options are endless.

Facebook Advertising and Retargeting

Specialized Facebook marketers set up successful national and international Facebook campaigns for you in our business manager to reach new  and existing audiences, or retarget your newly generated leads and all people that engage with your brand

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